About Us

Drop Tech is an online trading facility allowing people to trade up their pre-loved Apple products for immediate cash or to buy from a selection of our pre-loved products sourced from our thriving Apple community.


The basis for our idea was to put affordable products in the hands of users who value a great machine at an affordable price. If you don’t mind something used as opposed to buying brand new, or perhaps one who doesn’t value buying something with a box only to throw it away later, then you have come to the right place! We believe in our ability not only to add value but to bring customers together with products they can afford in the current economic climate.


We try to be as descriptive as possible, not only about the product but about the condition too. This ensures a transparent relationship and hopefully a long-lasting one as well. Our mandate is a simple one, which is, to provide the best price money can buy. Whether you buy from us or sell to us, our aim is to be significantly cheaper in price and offer superior value in our service.


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Drop Tech