Selling To Us

We buy new and certain used MacBooks, iMacs, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, iPhones and iPads. Whether you want to get rid of something old to get something new or if you need the extra cash, we're here to help.


How does it work? You send us details of your item and your offer and other important information, such as why you are selling it, do you have proof of payment or packaging. We may also need a copy of your ID and a signed declaration form declaring you as the rightful owner.


We pay up to a specified value per item and you can do WHATEVER you want to do with your money. To give you an idea of what we do pay, provided below is a list which is naturally dependent on laptop size, specification and condition. Please appreciate that the entrance of new models as well as the Rand/Dollar exchange rate affects the pricing at which we are able to provide, and these can therefore change without notice.